jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Art's home

     During the last weekend, bristolians (wherever their origin) were able to enjoy The Southbank Bristol Arts Trail. A free exhibitions weekend throughout the neighbourhood: houses, coffees, social centres, etc...Every year the trail is specialized about a specific theme. This time it was the robot trend. It doesn't matter you cannot participate if don't present robot-like shows, so every artist was invited to show their artworks (either to sale or not to sale), but robots ruled this year. By twist of fate, this weekend has been lovely regarding to weather and the one who writes this post wandered the city to bring here some images of what went on out there.

    You pop in any house saying Hi! and walk around their living room and elsewhere glancing pictures, sculptures, pottery, prints, jewellery and more art and craft and afterwards you wave your hand respectfully because you were at art's home.

   The excuse is not important, robots, monsters, whatever for decorating the façade and welcome pedestrians to come in and enjoy this trip that gets you goosebumps.

    The struggle to find a place where perform an exhibition is vanished. This bed factory plays the gallery role successfully. Not even think about taking a nap! There's much more to see.

    Churches and schools brushed away their usual issues to offer the citizens a artistic place to acquire unique hand-made pieces from the own artists. Either Beginners or professionals, them all fit in the festival.


The youngest became artists for once and decorated their houses with improvised robots, welcome everybody, Bop Bop!

   An artist is teaching a child how to work with clay on a potter's wheel. You had many possibilities to discover artistic procedures beside the professionals.

    Under beautiful weather, artists populated the street by painting walls, floors, shirts and whatever available surface where colour and drawing could affix on.

   You were able to find the living rooms this way. Perishable sets, human-size canvasses where participate and make an artwork of yourself. Here, a monstrous invasion is about to take the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

   Finishing, here it is the festival website, there you can take a look to everything what this weekend happened in the neighbourhood.

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