viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

The employment...and those dead eyes.

    Generally the posts of this blog are thought out and its subject is chosen  carefully among hundreds of things  that swarm the writer's mind . Such was the shock that caused me this short film I have just seen that I have  not thought twice to include it in order to expand its distribution and reach as many people as possible.

     I just found it losing my time on Facebook and it  must be reflected that without Fran Ortiz's post  (Paskhone) I would not have known it. In this short film there is  modern society in which the work seems  scarce so arise some curious jobs. Its approach  is not encouraging at all and rather put me goosebumps. It is perhaps  the saddest  thing I've seen in recent years. Masses of young Spaniards  emigrating  to    jobs  for which they are  overqualified. Politicians laughing with impunity with pockets full of envelopes. Suicides and murders due to choking mortgage. Grandchildren living by pension of their parents' parents. Against this situation I do not see  so far away the time to work as nightstand  for  some  Andalusian  gentleman with sideburns (best wash British soil, pound is stronger). I know nothing about responsibility, only victims.

Direction: Santiago 'Bou' Grasso
Idea: Patricio Plaza
Animation: Santiago Grasso / Patricio Plaza
Production company: Opusbou

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